Yuzhong Lit Light Bulb Fairy Lights

- Jan 27, 2018-

Yuzhong relevant responsible person said that at present Yuzhong District is stepping up the promotion of Spring Lighting Project, Yuzhong District in Shangqing Temple, Palace of Culture, slope stone slope, North Bridge, turntable more than 15 locations, placed specially designed lighting LOGO by light bulb fairy lights . LOGO will be transformed into a rooster pattern in 2017 figures. Together with Happy New Year, Happy New Year and HAPPY NEW YEAR, the logo will be presented.

It is understood that Yuzhong District also Xinhua Road, Yuzhou Road, Zhongshan Road and other 13 road design. The trees on both sides of the 13 roads will be yellow or red-rose LED strips with interlaced and orderly winding trunks, light bulb fairy lights with red and yellow transitions or red-rose, and rose-red starry twigs , The crown will be hanging LED strobe lights and lanterns.