Wonderful LED Bicycle Wheel Light

- May 11, 2018-

LED bicycle wheel light

People who like to ride a bike will mount a light on the horse, but they have been travelling for many years. There is a kind of smart light that is installed on the wheel and turns the wheel into an electronic screen. Have you ever seen it? Here we look at how amazing it is. The name of this cargo is Hyun-Wheel. It's like eating the wheel that shows off chewing gum—it can't stop.

It consists of four groups of LED lights, two independent lamp arms can be easily placed between the wheel spokes, and use the buckle fixed on the wheel, then connect the connection line, adjust the induction magnet, this is done, the little girl is also It's easy to do it alone.

This light has a matching App (compatible with iOS and Android dual-platform). After downloading and installing the connection, you can use the App Passport. What kinds of albums, dynamic pictures (GIF), Tuya, custom text, etc. Come out, so there are more things to do, such as to the goddess confession, come on.

In addition to X, you can also record your exercise data

LED bicycle wheel lights Although various patterns make you look arrogant, but in addition to loading X, people still have practical uses. For example, capture your real-time speed, maximum speed, and record your riding time and mileage to let you know how much you exercise.

Well, since it is related to the outdoors, the following three things have to be said:

One is how waterproof? The official said that it has a waterproof coating of resin, even if riding in the rain is okay, but if the coating is damaged after scratching, will it have an impact?

Second, how about earthquake? This is still good, and the buckle is very firm, even if the road is bumpy and violent, it does not matter.

The third is how to endurance? Imagine that when the goddess was confessed, the goods suddenly went dead. However, the capacity of 1800 mAh can play for 6-15 hours (depending on the pattern display content).