Why Are Outdoor Decorative Lights So Popular With European And American Countries?

- Mar 28, 2019-

As we all know, Christmas is a grand festival in the Western countries in a year, and it is almost the same as our Chinese New Year. It was originally a day for Christians to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Now it has become a popular festival full of warm atmosphere. It has already faded its religious color, and more expresses the friendship with family and friends and shares the joy of the past year. In recent years, due to the growing influence of foreign festivals in China, many places in China have also celebrated Christmas! Although its importance may not be as good as Valentine's Day.

       For every Christmaser, decorating Christmas-related decorations is a very important thing. Probably similar to our Chinese Spring Festival couplets, the operation of the door god. It is necessary to have a Christmas decoration with its own characteristics and a warm Christmas atmosphere. The popular outdoor decorative lights are obviously indispensable. Because, whether it is Christmas flowers or Christmas trees, or real trees or fake trees, you need to hang outdoor decorative lights. Otherwise, why is the annual Christmas decoration, "lights 熠熠"?

Outdoor decorative light

       European and American traditional decorative lighting, not energy-saving, not environmentally friendly, short life, more safety hazards. Now, using outdoor decorative lights can avoid these annoyances. Because compared with traditional decorative lights, the energy-saving effect of outdoor decorative lights is quite obvious. According to estimates, it can save 70% to 90%, and the service life is 10 times that of traditional decorative lamps.

       Not only the outdoor decorative lights have obvious energy-saving and safety effects, but the main decorative colors of traditional Christmas lighting are red, green and white. The lighting speed, direction and change of these lightings are more than traditional decorative lighting. It can be said that there are many changes. It is dazzling. Commonly used are decorative lights decorated with stars of various colors, clouds, Santa Claus dolls, angels, bells, Christmas trees and so on.

       Each luminaire should be inspected in detail every year to replace equipment that is damaged or broken or loose. Also, pay attention to power outages when replacing the luminaire to prevent the risk of electric shock and to ensure that the new lamp is matched in voltage and power. Also keep in mind that safety is paramount: place fragile items out of reach of children and pets, and make sure they don't use light strings as toys. Choose a fire-proof layout that does not use an open flame near flammable materials. Do not pin the string or extension cord to the wall as this may damage the insulation and cause an explosion or fire hazard. When fixing the string, use insulated fasteners as much as possible, and do not use metal nails.

       Timely removal of the layout: Outdoor light strings are seasonal products that are prone to explosion or fire when exposed to extreme temperatures or harsh weather for extended periods of time. Therefore, after the holiday is over, the relevant arrangements should be removed in a timely manner and the product should be kept in the package for use in the coming year.