What Is Fiberglass?

- Jan 02, 2018-

FRP is a new type of glass fiber reinforced materials and various plastic (resin) composite of a new type of material, because of its strength comparable with steel, and is also made of glass fiber reinforced material, it is also known as glass fiber reinforced plastic. FRP has several major characteristics, one, high temperature, FRP relative to other steel materials are more able to withstand the test of high temperature, even in the case of ultra-high temperature, is also an excellent choice for industrial materials; Second, the quality of Jian, which is FRP Of the most important features, the hardness is relatively light steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic are now widely used in the industry because of its solid quality characteristics, it is hard, light weight, beautiful appearance and can easily move, but also reduce the workload of workers; Features make it instead of a heavy metal, and rough cement products, Third, it does not have any value of theft, which greatly reduces the user's psychological burden.