LED Road Led Decoration Lights

- Aug 03, 2018-

What are the characteristics and display effects of road led pattern lights?

     Nowadays, many people are buying high-power LED pattern lights, as I hurriedly, hurried away, leaving no regrets! But what Julie Lighting wants to say is, come in a hurry, don't go in a hurry! High-power led floodlights that have not undergone 24 hours of aging are a bit hard to stand the test!

According to the strict regulations of the factory of Zhongshan Lili Lighting led group lights, the factory lamps must pass the aging test for more than 24 hours to ensure the normal use of the lamps. What would happen if the LED floodlights did not pass the aging for at least 24 hours?

    In general, most of the lamps that have just been produced have the complete functions of their design and can be put into use directly, but why do they still have to do the aging test? The product quality theory tells us that most of the product failures occur. Both the initial and the end are in the end, the end of the product is the normal life of the product, can not be controlled, but the initial can be controlled, can be controlled within the factory door, that is, before the product is handed over to the user, do the aging test, put the problem Stifling inside the factory, the regular formal manufacturers do just that.

Led pattern light

  Features: led pattern lights are suitable for all types of outdoor poles, the effect is good, the effect is gorgeous. The controller can be used to change the effect. The program can be adjusted.

     Features: led pattern lamp uses high-quality light source, the brightness is higher than ordinary LED products; the continuity of the light is good, the light is on a line, the whole is uniform and uniform, the flexibility is strong, and the pattern can be bent as desired.