Urban Landscape Lighting Design-night City Sketched By Light And Shadow

- Feb 13, 2020-

Urban landscape lighting design-night city sketched by light and shadow

When the night fell and the lanterns first came on, the lights waved a "magic stick" to make the city dreamy and beautiful. The ever-changing light and shadow make the buildings change under the beam, adding charm and injecting new artistic vitality into the city.

Night scenes are undoubtedly a powerful means to promote and promote the charm of the city. For example, the lighting of the Bund landscape reflects the temperament precipitated by the fusion of Shanghai's tradition and modernity. It has gained universal praise from the society and also promoted the development of Bund night scene tourism.

With the economic development, technological progress, capital participation and policy support, Nightscape Lighting has become a hot-blowing business card for more and more cities. While stimulating nightscape tourism to flourish, it has also greatly enriched people's cultural life.

Among the five happy industries proposed by the State Council, the tourism industry and cultural industry are among them. The cultural tourism industry will become a hot spot for industry investment and attention in the next few years, and it will bring new opportunities, new challenges and new drivers to the lighting industry.

At the same time, the development of urban infrastructure construction, urban night tour economy, characteristic towns, the "Belt and Road", and PPP models are also important drivers of the rapid growth of urban nightscape lighting.

At present, China has become the world's largest landscape lighting market, and the industry scale is expected to reach 100 billion yuan by 2020. With the continuous advancement of urban night lighting construction, the status of night lighting planning and design in urban lighting construction has also become increasingly prominent.

However, with the increase in the quantity and influence of urban landscape lighting, society and culture have also put forward higher requirements for it. The construction of night lighting must also reflect the people-oriented social concept and economic benefits under the premise of meeting the functional positioning. Service value and historical and cultural heritage.