Type Of Decorative Light For Part

- Sep 15, 2019-

Type of decorative light for part

Chinese lanterns are a comprehensive art of various techniques, various techniques, a variety of decorative techniques, and a variety of materials. There are many kinds of lanterns, palace lanterns, gauze lamps, flower blue lights, dragon and phoenix lights, angular lights, tree lights, and gifts. Lanterns, mushroom lights, etc., in the shape of a circle, a square, a cylinder, a polygon, and the like.

Dragon Light, also known as "Dragon Dance", is one of the Chinese folk lighting and dance forms, popular in many places in China. There is a dragon head in front of the dragon lamp, the number of the middle section is different, but it is generally singular, and there is a stick under each section to support. Each section of the internal burning candle is called "dragon light", and the incombustible candle is called "Bron". During the dance, one person holds the colored beads and plays the dragon. The faucet rotates with the beads. Many other people follow each other, and they move up and down, dance around, and cooperate with the drums. It is very spectacular.