The Modern Commercial Decoration Lights

- Aug 12, 2019-

The modern commercial decoration lights

The modern commercial space is the most active public living space, which attracts customers with a colorful look. The Western "Third Space Theory" pointed out that people have three living spaces: the first space is the family, the second space is the work and study place, and the third space is the place for leisure, entertainment, sightseeing, shopping, and socializing. With the improvement of living standards, people's living centers are gradually shifting to the third space, and the center of the third space is the business environment.

  At present, the United States has seen a tendency to enjoy life with less work, less money, and more leisure, which indicates that the business environment will have broader prospects.

  When the commercial space is given a new connotation in modern times, it can no longer be defined by the old concept. Along with the development of social economy, commerce, as an important part of social culture and political and economic life, received the influence of social life changes on the one hand, and thus became a reflection of social life; on the other hand, it promoted and hindered the social process and took responsibility. The role of social generators. In a wide variety of commercial activities, the retail industry as a commercial terminal is closely connected with the daily life of the public and becomes an important part of public behavior. The commercial space has also changed with the development of business behavior and received extensive attention.