The Main Factors In The Development Of LED Decorative Lights

- Feb 16, 2019-

The main factors in the development of LED decorative lights

LED lighting industry such as LED factory lights are welcoming a good opportunity for development

Some problems in the industry that have seriously hindered the development of the industry have also been discovered. At present, China's LED energy-saving lamps and LED industrial and mining lamps industry still face many difficulties, restricting the sustainable development of the LED industry. The following are the main factors that restrict the development of LED energy-saving lamps and LED mining lamps:

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1. Lack of leading enterprises and leading brands, and homogenization competition is fierce. At present, the LED energy-saving lamps and LED factory lamp industry are generally small in scale and lack leading enterprises. There are no benchmark brands and companies, and product credibility is lacking. The LED industry urgently needs to establish leading enterprises and set standards for industry credibility.

2. The price of LED energy-saving lamps and LED factory lamp products has been reduced very much at present, but the price is still very expensive compared with ordinary lighting fixtures. Not attractive enough to the general public. To achieve the popular price of XXX remains to be further adjusted.

3. Lack of key technologies and core patents: Patent technology The key means for major LED manufacturers in the world to gain competitive advantage and maintain market share. The domestic LED energy-saving lamps and LED high-altitude lamps are not perfect. The upstream patents are mostly controlled by foreign manufacturers. The technology is subject to people. More than 80% of high-end chips are from foreign countries or Taiwan. Enterprises cannot extend to the mid-to-high-end profit sector. Sex patents, LED energy-saving lamps, LED industrial and mining lamps are subject to patent blockade, and exports are restricted.

4. Industry standards lag behind industrial technology: LED energy-saving lamps, LED factory lights, emerging industry technology rapid development, bringing common problems such as testing technology and standards development, the current product lacks complete industry norms, quality is uneven, greatly contused Market confidence and enthusiasm.

The above factors are important reasons that restrict the healthy and rapid development of an industry. We look forward to overcoming many unfavorable factors in the joint efforts of all social enterprises and quickly creating green lighting.