The Latest 2018 China LED Chip And Packaging Industry Market Report

- Jul 06, 2018-

The latest "2018 China LED chip and packaging industry market report"

According to LEDinside research, in 2017, China's LED packaging market reached 10 billion US dollars, up 12% year-on-year. The main momentum of China's packaging market growth is from the following demand markets, including general lighting, automotive lighting, display and emerging markets. Have a good performance.

The general lighting market, in 2017, continued the strong demand in the second half of 2016. The Chinese lighting packaging manufacturers represented by Mulinsen continued to expand production capacity and the market share increased rapidly. International manufacturers gradually increased the power in China due to higher manufacturing costs. Proportion of product OEM orders and attacking the high-power landscape lighting market.

In the automotive lighting market, driven by new energy vehicles and high-end passenger vehicles, LED penetration rate has gradually increased and the market scale has further expanded. Since the automotive lighting market is dominated by international manufacturers, revenues in China, including OSRAM OS, have increased significantly.

In the display market, not only the small pitch is promoted, but also the outdoor large-pitch display has a tendency to develop toward smaller pitch displays. The demand for display LED devices has increased by orders of magnitude.

In terms of landscape lighting, with the rapid development of China's night travel economy, the demand for landscape lighting LEDs has also grown steadily.

Other emerging areas, including UV/IR, plant lighting, etc., although the market size is still relatively small, but the growth momentum is large, the future is expected to become a new growth point in the LED industry.