The Fiberglass Status Quo

- Jan 02, 2018-

Because of its unique performance advantages, FRP material has been widely used in related industries such as aerospace, railway railway, decorative building, home furniture, advertisement display, craft gift, building material sanitary ware, yacht mooring, sports material, sanitation engineering, And by the praise, a material industry in the new era of business needs darling. FRP products are also different from the traditional materials products, performance, use, life attributes greatly superior to traditional products. Its easy-modeling, customizable, free deployment of color characteristics, favored by businesses and sellers, occupy more and more market share, broad prospects!

After 50 years of development, China's glass steel industry has been highly recognized, the level of technology and industrial equipment has been significantly improved, the relevant standard system tends to be perfect. However, there is still a certain gap with the international advanced level and the future needs to be improved from application and research and development.