Talking About The Structure And Application Of Led Modeling Lamp

- Aug 01, 2018-

Talking about the structure and application of led modeling lamp

There are many types of led modeling lamps on the market, and the types of light sources used are also various. The service life is not the same, some only use a few days, some use a few months, and some use a few years. So choose the right product based on the length of use.

Led modeling lights use a short time, such as a few days to a few months, you can use a light source similar to the stars, led modeling lights are characterized by simple production, low prices, rich colors, the lack of brightness is slightly lower, Short service life.

Longer use, such as months to a year, can use led neon lights, this product is characterized by simple processing, low price, insufficient color, low brightness, up to one or two year.

Led modeling lights use longer time, such as more than three years, this will use a higher level of light source products. The patented product-led two-way light-emitting patch light produced by our company is an ideal light source product. This product features full-parallel power supply and waterproof sealing structure. The protection level reaches IP65. The light source is the high-intensity brightness of the patch light source. Rich, quality assurance, its service life of more than 3 years, can be added to the external controller to control its light and dark, resulting in dreamy colors.

A good led light should be safe and reliable, with stable performance, comfortable light color and reasonable price. "A business person said. From the shopping point of view, this requirement for LED lights is also very easy to understand. "A good led light should be from safety, reliability, comfort, appearance, energy saving and price. In terms of comprehensive consideration, this is a problem that all ordinary consumers should pay attention to.

Led is a compound semiconductor component that emits light when it passes through a PN interface to the positive and negative diodes with a small current - it illuminates when passing a forward current, and subsides when it is reversed. Compared with incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps, led light is cold, with high brightness, small size, power saving and other advantages, the use of life hours of tens of thousands of hours to 100,000 hours.

The principle of led illumination is different from incandescent and fluorescent lamps. It is necessary for incandescent lamps to work at temperatures above 3,000 degrees. Fluorescent lamps are necessary to use high voltages to excite electron beams. LEDs require only 2 to 4 volts of voltage and can operate normally at normal temperatures - also because of their extremes. Sexual stability, the number of life can be as long as 10,000 hours or more.

The color of the light announced by led depends on the semiconductor material used, and the light that can be accepted by the naked eye such as blue, green, red, and white, respectively, and looks comfortable.