Summer Festival Lantern Decorations

- Aug 03, 2019-

Summer festival lantern decorations

In the hot summer, people always feel upset and upset. If you give you a glass of ice water, a popsicle, and a paper fan, you will feel cool. So how do you decorate the summer festival of the lantern industry?

The summer festival lantern decoration begins with the color matching, which makes people feel the refreshing feeling visually, and then the rules of the material selection, follow the refreshing and thin.

In the color selection, the first one is bluestone blue, and the blue has a deep and beautiful beauty. It is noble and rational, and at the same time makes people feel cool, which is very suitable for summer. The second type is azure blue. Azure blue is not a very deep color. It belongs to the light color of blue, but it is also very suitable for summer. The third type is the pale white of the light color, and the white color needs a cool color, like snow like ice, which gives a cold summer. It is not wrong to use more cool colors in summer. This is the basic common sense that many American designers know, but it is most effective to seek innovation in color matching.

The combination of materials should give everyone a cool feeling, natural, exquisite and thin, so the most commonly used elements in summer are transparent acrylic, non-colored transparent texture can bring a cool feeling.