Small Spacing LED Occupy The Indoor Display Market Quietly Change The Pattern

- Jan 17, 2018-

The global LED display market size in 2017 was 5.092 billion US dollars, of which the indoor small space (≤ 2.5) after sustained rapid growth in previous years, will continue to grow in 2017 the market size of 1.141 billion US dollars, is expected to 2017 ~ 2021 CAGR up to 12%. At present, the small pitch LED products are still used in military applications, government monitoring command center, large-scale video conferencing systems and other high-end areas.

LED display industry after more than 10 years of development, the basic shape of the market structure, after the ebb Tide, emerged several annual sales of over 1 billion yuan in large enterprises, the rapid intervention of capital, making the pattern of high-end market tends to be stable, medium Basically, these high-end companies in the game. However, the middle and low-end wholesale markets are full of variables and irregularities. Among them, tremendous business opportunities and potential are hidden. Some enterprises have already sniffed the new messages released by the wholesale market and laid out their own channel development strategies.

New Year's Day approaching, all walks of life have consistent pace summary of the past, looking to the future! Past LED display industry ups and downs, but industry are convinced that "no one winter insurmountable, not a spring will not come." Bathing soon New Year's sunshine, some inward-looking expectations are also born in the brutal competition, some of the dreams of the world will rise from the dull days. Admittedly, LED display market in technology and technology innovation, has made rapid progress, in the continuous renovation of technology and technology, the point spacing has repeatedly broken. Small spacing LED display market, the rapid rise of the LED display to "wind scenery" of "Deng Tang".