Several Working Ways Of LED RGB Color-Changing Strips

- May 28, 2019-

Several working ways of LED RGB Color-Changing Strips

LED RGB Color-Changing Strips are popular for both home and commercial applications.We'd like to propose several ways of using this product. 

1)Waterside Color Changing LED strip lighting

Who doesn’t like spending time by the pool or the lake during warm summer nights? Color changing LED strips are  great for this purpose because the changing colors will boost the mood of your gathering, be it among friends or family.  Make sure that the lights are rated for outdoor use and that they are water resistant.

2)Living Room Color-Changing LED strip lighting

Color changing LEDs in the living room are a great way to start a party, or set the mood on a date. Or to help you  find your “happy place” after a stressful day at work. Did you know that light color  has a  significant effect on on our moods ? That means putting color changing lights in the living room will give you greater                                                                                                           control not only of your lighting environment, but also of your mental state.

While many people come to us in their search for colorful lights, they would like a “white light” option as well. For these clients we suggest our  RGB plus Warm White strips . Using a remote, users switch between warm white setting and the RGB color-changing  setting. The result of this amazing pairing is beautiful and allows for an unparalleled degree of personal customization

3) Stage Color-Changing LED strip lighting

Most people write off strip lights for stage lighting purposes because they don’t believe they’ll b e bright enough. But that’s only because 

they haven’t heard of Flexfire LEDs ColorBright RGB 300 strips . With double the brightness compared to most other color changing LED  strips, these lights will shine through the crowd, leaving a great impact on your audience.

4)Bar and Casino Color-Changing LED strip lighting

People come to the bar and the casino to have a good time. Why not enhance their experience with a creative lighting design? Install color  changing strips under counters, along shelving or in wall coves to produce the light you’re looking for. Exciting illumination will attract  clients in off the street and improve their experience when they visit your establishment.