Sensor Led Strip Light Installation

- Jul 02, 2018-

Sensor led strip light installation

1, Sensor led strip light how to installation? The lamp strips at the bottom of the bed are sensor lights, so before the installation, inductive testing is required. In the dark environment, the sensing function is tested, which is conducive to better use after installation.

After the test, connect the plug of the sensor strip to the power extension cord and connect the strip to one end of the sensor.

2. The next step is to attach the sensor to the two ends of the bed, and use the double-sided tape that is usually used. The lamp is also attached to both sides of the bottom of the bed with double-sided tape, so that it is basically installed.

The steps to install the bedside lamp are relatively simple. You can install it at home (but still pay attention to safety). What are the benefits of the bedside lamp strip for ambient lighting?

The first is to reduce the direct light into the eyes. The bottom light strip is good for the family (especially the elderly) to get up at night, get out of bed and automatically wake up, and will not wake people around. In addition, it is also beneficial for the mother to take care of the baby and will not wake up the baby because of the light.