Research And Development Of The Light Source

- Jan 16, 2018-

"As a new projection light source, compared with the traditional laser light source in terms of color, brightness, contrast and energy saving have greatly improved, outstanding technical advantages.For example, the general projector bulb light life is generally a few hundred to Thousands of hours, during use need to regularly replace the replacement bulb, bulb instability and prone to rupture or explosion.Laser projector laser structure of high reliability, the existing experimental results speculate that the life expectancy of up to 30,000 hours or more, is a normal bulb The service life of several times. In addition to maintain a bright image quality for a long time, but also reduce maintenance and use costs.

"Local gold" shell striking. He clicks the button a little while and the projector starts playing immediately.

"The laser is a cold light source, with the characteristics of bright and light, the maximum brightness projection can be achieved within a short time.Laser projector also has the characteristics of narrow wavelength, high saturation, purity and permeability, etc., can accurately express color, In particular, the film dark field details in place, full of extreme color performance.