Outdoor Decorative Lights Not Only Play The Role Of Lighting, But Also Beautify The Environment.

- Mar 07, 2019-

Outdoor decorative lights not only play the role of lighting, but also beautify the environment.

Outdoor decorative lights use different shapes, different colors and brightness to create landscapes. For example, the red-light lantern-shaped outdoor decorative lights bring a festive atmosphere to the square, and the green coconut tree lights form a tropical atmosphere at the poolside. Outdoor decorative lights are suitable for landscapes such as squares, residential areas, and public green spaces. In use, be careful not to overdo it, so as not to overwhelm the audience, making the landscape look messy and flashy.

   As the name suggests, the outdoor decorative lamp is a kind of art that can be enjoyed by people. It is an art itself, with the effect of urban beautification, thus enhancing the image of the city and the charm of the city.

Outdoor decorative light

    Secondly, the outdoor decorative lighting has a large intensity and a wide range, which can give people a warm and comfortable feeling. Moreover, outdoor decorative lights have good prospects for development, which in turn can drive the development of other industries. The outdoor decorative lights were originally combined with art. Unlike ordinary lighting, the outdoor decorative lights are more complicated in shape, long in work time, and require more raw materials, and the cost is higher. However, the wholesale of solar street lights feels that the outdoor decorative lights are made of stainless steel, which is relatively durable and of good quality.

    The first thing to pay attention to is the innovation of design concept, followed by the humanization and diversity of functions. I saw a low-level lamp in Japan. This lamp not only plays the role of lighting and beautification, but also acts as a warning. Role, it tells the passers-by, the front of the curve is large, the number of people entering and leaving, please be careful with drivers and road walkers. In order to achieve the versatility of the low-level lights and the integration of landscape lighting, it is necessary to introduce the idea of composite design and coordinate the function lighting and landscape lighting as much as possible.

    The light utilization rate of the lamp is low, the light is soft, the maintenance is troublesome, and the application is less. Outdoor lighting is used in reflective garden lights and the like. Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone should have a certain understanding of the installation height of outdoor lighting. When installing outdoor lighting, the intention is not to be high. First, you need the required height. In addition, look at the environment and then It is more appropriate to consider how high it is, so that a more suitable outdoor fixture installation height can be achieved.