Led Pattern Lamp Manufacturer Design And Led Pattern Light Lighting Effect

- Aug 10, 2018-

Led pattern lamp manufacturer design and led pattern light lighting effect

     With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the urban environment, the scale of the city has been greatly developed, and the intensity of urban construction has obviously accelerated. In the past few years, some parks have been built in the past while the old parks have been renovated. As an important cultural entertainment and leisure activity venue for the citizens, the park's functions and styles are influenced by leading professional design ideas, and thus have different characteristics. The task of park lighting design is to reflect the concept of park design according to the functional characteristics of the park and the specific objects using LED pattern lighting, lighting and lighting arrangements. Here are some experiences on the LED lighting design of the park.

     First, determine the lighting method

Before starting the LED pattern lighting design, you must define the theme and style of the park. It is necessary to carefully study the design materials of the park theme project, and communicate with the park professional designers to fully understand the functions of various buildings and structures, the design concepts of various attractions, and thus determine the way of lighting.

     First of all, it is clear that the general roads and squares in the park should use conventional lighting to achieve a more uniform light environment. This is beneficial to people's activities and simplifies the types of lighting equipment. Led pattern lights on the parts or attractions that need to be emphasized, such as the gates of the park, the facades of the main buildings, sculptures and some ornamental plants, etc., need to be partially illuminated, using light and dark and color changes to express various buildings and structures. Object.

     Second, choose the lighting source

Various light sources have their own advantages in terms of efficiency, light color, and color rendering. In places where there is no special requirement for light color and color rendering, such as roads, squares, etc., high-efficiency sodium lamps with high efficiency and high brightness can be used to improve lighting efficiency and save energy. For floodlights that require high color rendering, such as green ornamental lighting, metal halide lamps should be used to reflect the original color of the plant as much as possible. For the lighting of the fountain waterscape, the LED pattern light source with large color change should be selected to better create the night effect.

Beautiful led pattern light

     Third, the layout of lighting fixtures

The choice of led pattern lights should be selected according to the style of the park. The shape of the led pattern lights should be consistent with the theme of the park and the environment in which it is located. Do not blindly pursue luxury, otherwise it may create a feeling of inconsistency with the environment. The successful LED pattern light selection not only can play the function of lighting, but also its own shape and arrangement can be integrated with other parts of the park and become part of the landscape.

     In short, the design of the park led pattern lighting should conform to the style of the park. At the same time, it must be safe, reliable, economical, and save energy, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and reflect the design concept of the park with a reasonable lighting environment.