Led Neon Light-City HongKong

- Jan 15, 2018-

In 1910, the neon lights started to enter the world. In 1932, the first neon light factory in Hong Kong - Claude Neon Company was opened in Hong Kong. By the 1950s, the Locke Road in Hong Kong, where the U.S. warships often docked, started to flourish and the fiction and the movies began to use oil tips Wang's neon signboard is intended for the city's interest ... Neon Tube has become an alternative visual language to the city of Hong Kong.

lED neon light ,every neon sign shop in Hong Kong, have carefully to make their own signature signs, such as the best restaurant made of fish balls, its neon sign was made into a fish; since the most substantial Umbrella factory, its sign is a clank umbrella. The bustling city and the vitality of the fishing port linked, which is probably the biggest neon signs in Hong Kong.