Led Motif Lights Should Be Paid Attention To In The Light Selection

- Aug 14, 2018-

Led motif lights should be paid attention to in the light selection

The art lamp of the led modeling lamp is a special landscape color specially created by using different shapes and different colors, different light colors and their brightness adjustment. This kind of brightness creates a very good special performance, which can well meet our expectations and so on. The red-light styling led styling lamp brings a festive atmosphere to the square, and the green coconut tree lamp sets a tropical style at the poolside. Different styles of different colors give us different themes and styles. The Jiuxi led model lights can be applied to various fields, such as squares, residential areas, public green spaces and other landscape places. It can be said that the colorful world is absolutely indispensable for the participation of led modeling lights!

    1, led modeling lights mostly in the form of diffused light, diffuse light and direct light is not too much shadow, so that the color becomes brighter and darker when it is more soft. However, an important problem to be solved by the led modeling lamp in the form of diffused light is that the surface temperature of the illuminator is too high. In view of the popular LED modeling lights on the market, few products can solve such problems.

    2. Calculation of elevation angle and shoulder distance. The calculation of elevation angle and shoulder distance can achieve a good balance between functional function and landscape function. For example, if the design of elevation angle takes into account the corresponding landscape design, then it can better reflect the role of landscape and function. Meet people's needs.

    When there is a bright spot with strong brightness or strong contrast in the field of view, people will shrink the pupil, form a spot in the eye, and destroy the adaptation of people's visual system to the surrounding physical space, causing discomfort or vision. decline. Glare is firstly due to the high brightness of the surface of the light source. The higher the brightness of the light source, the more severe the glare. If the brightness of the light source is constant, then the darker the surrounding environment, the more significant the glare; the closer the distance between the light source and the viewing point, the more significant the glare; the larger the apparent area of the light source, the more the number of light sources, the more glare Significant.