Led Motif Lights Constitute A Great Landscape

- Apr 09, 2018-

Beautifully fried! Nanshan Road, Hangzhou, led motif lights constitute a great landscape! According to netizens broke the news: In the romance of Hangzhou Nanshan Road, both sides of the sycamore are intertwined into a star-like scene, passing pedestrians have come up with mobile phones to take pictures. Netizens: Not so beautiful


      Yesterday evening, many people were pleasantly surprised to find that Nanshan Lu led motif lights. In this section of the mountain, the plane trees on both sides of the road are like “arches of light”. The effect of the sky full of stars adds a romantic touch.


      Zhu Junfu, the chief designer of Boston International Design, is also the chief designer of LED motif lights that dresses up Nanshan Road. The lakeside shopping district with a crowded, high-end atmosphere is now his “masterpiece” eight years ago.