Led Motif Light Led Rope Light Installation Knowledge Points

- Jul 23, 2018-

    Led motif light led rope light installation knowledge points

    Led modeling light rainbow tube includes led modeling lamp strip, led modeling lamp flexible neon, etc., when installing, try not to remove all the strips from the reel, and then pull the whole strip to the building; because if you force The slamming guide will cause the main line of the lamp to break, causing the lamp to be irreparably damaged. If there is no light in the middle, the non-bright unit can be cut with a blade and then docked with the intermediate connector. It should be reminded that the plugs and the tail plugs of the dockings should be waterproofed when used outdoors.

     In addition, when using the electric wire, pay attention to the negative power; when the power consumption of the project is not large, the main line uses the national standard 4 mm square main line, and the transformer to the lamp line uses 2.5 mm square wire. Use up to five types of network cables as much as possible for the signal lines. Transformers and controllers are waterproof and rainproof.

Led modeling lamp

What is a led modeling light decorative light

Understand the LED modeling lamp lighting engineering products - led modeling lamp decorative lamp series

The lighting has already bid farewell to the era of a fire, a candle and an oil lamp. When the modern architecture and living environment collide with the lighting of the lights, another beauty of the lighting blooms like a flower.

In order to show that lighting is not limited to the scope of the light bulb and its beauty that is beyond our imagination today, we have collected the “exotic” lighting design from the Internet for everyone to enjoy.

Don't think that these lights will only appear in luxury houses, courtyards, and metropolises. Maybe one day there is its existence in your home. This is not an exaggeration. This is the future trend.

The reason why this is the reason is that in addition to providing us with comfortable lighting, the lamps can also carry people's various fantasies and expectations, creating the most through the changes in style, materials, order of light and shadow, or interaction with people. A unique environment. The lamps can be said to be the soul of the home and office environment!