Led Motif Light Design And Status Quo

- Apr 13, 2018-

Professor Hayes of the Harvard Business School in the United States once predicted 30 years ago: Nowadays, companies rely on price competition, rely on quality competition tomorrow, and rely on design competition in the future! The twenty-first century is a knowledge economy supported by industrial design. China's led motif light industry should not be a corner forgotten by industrial design, because we have fallen far behind foreign counterparts in the aspect of lighting fixtures! Because the eternal law that customers pay for products is: willing to pay high prices for innovative new technologies and new products, and only pay low prices for high-quality but similar products!

Because of the increasing homogenization of product technology, led motif light industry design can create more personalized, can be the most desirable, most functional, most aesthetically pleasing, performance is the best, The most comfortable and safe products are dedicated to society.