Led Motif Light Design And Status

- Apr 18, 2018-

Most of the led motif light manufacturers in China do not have their own design strength. They simply rely on counterfeiting to make products, or they can only do non-standard products that do not require formal design. The bosses who have a bit of vision then ask the industrial design company to design the luminaires. After that, the new shape of the light fixture is handed over to the mold factory to make the mold. When the bad luck is bad, the mold design cycle will be very long, and the best time for the new product to enter the market will not be described. Even if the lamp is made, the lamp and the original The shapes are far apart, making people laugh and laugh! Asked the bosses: I learned that the original led modeling lamp factory owners want to save money, generally do not let the industrial design company to follow-up lamp structure design, found the mold factory is not too strong design force, design experience is very lacking Because the mold fee is very cheap! They are even more reluctant to spend money to allow professional advertising companies to design products for advertising.