Led Modeling Lights Make The Night Beautiful

- Mar 19, 2018-

The most prominent part of the landscape lighting is the led modeling light. The style of the led modeling light is various. As long as you slightly change some details, it will show different lighting styles. In the custom-made led modeling lamp should pay attention to a few of the led modeling light manufacturers to summarize the skills.


     1, understand the characteristics of led modeling lights. Led modeling lamp is evolved from street lamps, with the pursuit of beauty, the requirements for the environment and art lighting will also rise, investment in landscape lighting enthusiasm is increasingly rising, led modeling lamps just in line with people's pursuits, As well as beautifying the environment, it brings artistic and aesthetic features to the night. From the color point of view, led modeling lights can be made into colorful, multi-cast light effects, such as the stage, large leisure square, entertainment venues and so on.


     2, understand the led modeling light production process. Led modeling lights whether it is used steel Q235 or stainless steel materials, life spans of 25 years or more, but led modeling lights also have translucent features, so the choice of stainless steel material just meet this feature, especially at night, the surface of stainless steel can also The color of the light source is reflected around, making the night scene even more charming and moving.


     3, understand the custom modeling process led lights. The products such as street lamps are relatively large and have many styles. Therefore, the inventory quantity is relatively small or there is no inventory quantity. It can only be ordered. The general ordering cycle is from one week to three weeks depending on the quantity and complexity.