LED Lights With Current Status And Future Development Trends

- May 15, 2019-

LED lights with current status and future development trends

          Despite the fact that there are always large companies diluting the ribbon business, a large number of up-and-coming stars have taken the lights as their main business. Faced with fierce market competition, major companies have also made efforts.

In the face of the complex competitive environment of the LED industry in recent years, since 2012, it has been seeking a re-layout of the global market, and introduced a series of measures in product development, production, sales platform transformation, business model transformation, publicity and promotion, and after-sales service. To improve brand influence and market sales. In product research and development, following the launch of the company's lighting-grade high-voltage patch light belt, at the end of 2013, Yinyu Lighting developed a neon beauty light, mini beauty light, Mei Nai patch light, and Mei Nai. New decorative lights such as string lights, the new decorative lamp products adopt a revolutionary unique production process, which makes the whole series of decorative lamps end the history of labor-intensive manual production, and has begun large-scale fully automated production. It can be said that the third revolution in the decorative lighting industry will have a profound impact on the industry.