Led Lighting Display

- Feb 14, 2018-

LED in the nineties of the last century can only be used as a pilot light, after the nineties, highlighted InGaAlP quaternary red, yellow and GaN blue and white devices developed, LED applications began to change from the instructions into lighting. Main applications include LED display, traffic lights, landscape lighting, mobile applications, automotive lights, LCD display backlight, general lighting and so on.

At present, LED products are widely used in mobile phones and are the most important application areas of LED products, accounting for about 31% of the total market demand. Generally, each mobile phone needs 10-20 LED products, which are respectively used on the mobile phone keyboard, the display backlight and the camera phone flash. LED products in the mobile phone market penetration has stabilized, the future of mobile phone LED products with room for growth will be directly affected by mobile phone sales.