LED Light Source Advantages In Lighting

- Apr 25, 2018-

In addition to the advantages of no mercury, energy saving, material saving, no electromagnetic interference to the environment, and no harmful rays, LED light sources have many advantages in the lighting field, especially landscape lighting. Such as: low-voltage power supply - no high voltage link, for the insulation of the overhead is much smaller, high reliability; attachment is simple - no starter, ballast or ultra-high voltage transformer; simple structure - has the biggest advantage of solid light source, Not inflated, no glass enclosure, no gas sealing problem, resistance to impact; good controllability - fast response time (on the order of microseconds), frequent repeated lightening and extinguishing, no inertia, no fatigue, and pure color - from Semiconductor PN junction itself produces color, pure, rich; rich colors - three primary colors plus digital technology, can evolve any color; lightweight structure - saving materials, cost savings; low requirements on the strength and stiffness of the lamp; - small size Large LED lamps can be regarded as consisting of LED cells. The smallest LED is only a few millimeters or less. Flexible: The LED light source is compact, so that the LED can meet the requirements of various geometric sizes and different spatial size of decorative lighting. , such as: point, line, surface, ball, different forms, and even any kind of artistic lighting sculpture.