Led Flexible Neon Lights With The Advantages

- Jan 05, 2018-

led flexible neon light is the latest and most popular LED breakthrough products, it appears to make up for lack of glass neon tubes and optical fibers, which completely replaced.

Relative glass neon tube, led flexible neon light with the following advantages:

1, the safety of the bottom voltage, power consumption is small, because of its light source for the LED, so even in the case of 24V light can work normally, the power consumption of 4.7W / M (R, Y, O), 6.6W (G , B, W).

2, high brightness, the light source is imported ultra-high brightness LED in series, per meter, 80LED / m or 90LED / m encryption arrangement is the overall luminous effect and high brightness of the fundamental guarantee.

3, longevity and durability:

On the basis of the LED technology, a new structure, making this section lamp under any circumstances can reach 100,000 hours of ultra-long life, relative to the glass neon band, the durability of no need to question, because there is no need to consider the glass neon Broken problem (PVC plastic light body)

4, energy saving:

Flexible body lights with energy-saving can be more than 80% of the cost of energy consumption

Glass neon light with 26.25W / M flexible body light with 4.7W / M (R, Y, O) 6.6W / M (G, B, W)

5, soft:

Flexible body LED light strip, it can be bent to a minimum diameter of 8CM, and can be cut in any scissors, so to be bent into a variety of text, graphics

6, safety:

Unlike glass neon ribbons, which require a high voltage of 15,000V for normal operation, the flexible bulk lamp strip works well with low voltage of 24V, plus its shock and heat dissipation makes it extremely safe to use.

7, moving delivery and installation:

Because of its similarities with the ordinary rainbow tube, which makes it as safe and convenient to transport LED rainbow tube, with a special card slot, the installation only need to nail the card slot, and then stuck it up, and Ordinary wire installation as easy and secure.