Led Decoration Lights-Low-end Products Too Many Industrial Chain Facing Integration

- Jan 08, 2020-

led decoration lights

Low-end products too many industrial chain facing integration

EU requirements, only the efficiency index reached more than 0.2 of the directional led directional lamp fluorescent lamp to enter the EU market, than the previous energy efficiency index increased 2.5 times; the United States increase LED test program. Undoubtedly, this export led enterprises increase the huge test cost.

LST the price of the company's LED products this year than last year fell by about 10%. Take a 16 watt LED fluorescent tube as an example, last year's price of 75 yuan, this year's price of 68 yuan, down 10.3%, the export price is almost, down nearly 10%. "In recent years, the capital into the LED is very much, but the lighting industry, in fact, with a lot of industry, into the easy to do."

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, at present, led core technology -- chip technology is mainly the United States control, part of a master in China Taiwan and Mainland China are mainly LED manufacturing base, the Pearl River Delta is application market larger and downstream enterprise gathering area, but can not grasp the core technology caused LED lighting products price imbalance is the LED industry mishap.