Led Decoration Lighting

- Feb 16, 2018-

China's lighting industry relative to other industries involved in online marketing is relatively lagging behind in the marketing tools are not rich, at present, the lighting industry network, the future must have more companies involved, the future is unlimited. What are the development trend of lighting industry network marketing, how to stand out in the tide of network marketing it?

Network marketing tide struck, fight to make waves

Survey data show that the current lighting consumption of most families account for about 10% of the cost of decoration, and the proportion is still rising, which means that with the improvement of public life, to create a stylish home awareness is also rising, all kinds of chandeliers , Wall lamp, floor lamp, mirror lamp, table lamp, night light constantly emerging, led decoration ligthing in the home has not only the function of lighting, more and more lighting is to "finish the finishing point" decorative effect, turn on the lights at night A decoration, not lighting is the home of a display or even works of art, so high-income people and people who advocate high-quality life will pay more and more attention to the application of lighting in the home. Internet marketing expert Liu Dongming teacher said that this consumer trends determine the future development of the lighting industry two directions: First, the lighting industry must establish a brand, know how to use the emerging media brand communication; Second, lighting products must be more and more creative, Large-scale customization is the only way. To grasp these two trends, Internet marketing is the only way for every lighting business.