LED Copper Wire String Light

- Jan 22, 2018-

LED Copper Wire String Light stripping machine Related Features:

Quick peeling paint, low-carbon green. Non-contact processing, will not cause extrusion and deformation of the wire.

Long service life, no supplies, no maintenance

LED Copper Wire String Light laser stripping paint machine with integrated overall structure, no optical pollution, low power coupling loss, combined with the production process of enameled wire laser lacquer removal applications has many unique advantages. Patch paint size positioning accuracy, stripping paint effect, high efficiency and simple operation, the traditional process is difficult to complete a variety of special requirements stripping paint process can be easily completed. Fully non-mechanical contact processing, the processing of materials does not produce any mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, processing quality. According to the needs of different industries, introduced one machine, portable models and other models, optional rotating table

Enameled laser stripping machine computer control and microprocessor control system, the stripping position programmable and precise control, with foot switch, easy and quick operation; equipment configuration microcomputer, the external computer can be online operation, automation; air purification system , The trace of the gas generated during the stripping of enameled wire to purify excluded.