Led Christmas Tree

- Aug 15, 2019-

led Christmas Tree

It is high time to decide on Christmas decorations. Can somebody imagine Christmas without a traditional Christmas tree beautifully decorated with baubles and light strings? We don’t think so! Therefore, specially for you, we prepared the Christmas Tree Covers of the highest quality.

Christmas Tree are the covers compatible with Flower Towers made by lesterlighting, They were created to give to the citizens the opportunity to decorate the cities during Christmas when the beauty of flowers fades.

led Christmas Tree is the best way to deal with the storage of the Flower Towers during winter. A very easy installation of the cover makes the Christmas arrangement smooth and easy. A special fixing of the decoration to the Flower Tower assures safety of the citizens and resistance to act of vandalism, giving a guarantee of a sure investment and a long term benefit from the purchase of the Terra Christmas Tree.

There are different sizes ( from 2 up to 13m ) and different colors available. The spruce can be: red, green and white. Also, we offer a wide assortment of additional Christmas tree elements: traditional or light decorations, string of LED lights with a warm or cold version. Thanks to this, every client can create his own version of a Christmas Tree, not only perfect for the public space.

Make this Christmas unforgettable.