Integrated LED Lighting

- Jul 09, 2018-

Integrated LED lighting

Global lighting is positively converting LEDs, and smart light sources and luminaires have strong growth potential. Its market has become a major trend, many middle and upper reaches have infiltrated, and Mulinsen has also been involved in it. Through its position as a leader in LED components and semiconductor materials industry, it has laid a solid foundation for the victory of this "light of illumination". The first step of the company's strategy is to acquire Landwells. Mr. Lin said that world-class intellectual services and global branding are the two core engines of Mulinsen's growth. The acquisition of Roundmans is a big boost for the second engine. With its high brand recognition in the field of lighting for hundreds of years, it has achieved a successful transition from components to manufacturing to global brands, and has become an integrated LED lighting company in the entire industry chain.