How To Choose Led Motif Light Source

- May 21, 2018-

In the lighting design or interior decoration, how to choose the lighting source?

The first choice of lighting source must meet the relevant national standards. In addition, when selecting the light source, it is best to read the technical parameters of the lighting product. Such as the most basic power, color temperature, color rendering and so on.

The lighting designer selects the light source according to the height of the room or the height that the light fixture needs to illuminate. If it is from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, the light source that is undoubtedly the first choice should be an LED light source, and secondly, the power and color temperature should be determined according to the irradiation height. Then, according to the occasion of use to choose lamps, for the simplest example, if you want to use outdoors, it must be outside the protection level of IP65 or more, indoor, then it is not necessary.

When selecting the light source, it can also be used according to the situation. For example, if it is an emergency lighting lamp, a light source that can be quickly ignited should be selected.