High-definition LED Strip Light Series

- Apr 16, 2019-

High-definition LED strip light series CRI 80 VS CRI 95

Generally, the high-index LED strip refers to a series of strips with a color rendering index of more than 90. The general color rendering index can be called CRI, which is a measure of the accuracy of the true color of the light source.

Our products can provide up to 95 color rendering index waiting products, indicating that our high-indicating LED strips can produce white light close to halogen or incandescent lighting and natural daylight, meaning that we see when lighting The project is more realistic and can be used in brand display stores, high-end hotels, office buildings, museums, art galleries, hospitals, etc.

High display led light strip

How to correctly choose high-index LED light strip products?

For cost, the higher the CRI, the higher the price. For most applications, CRI > 80 is sufficient. For scenes that need to meet the high-required color reproduction power, it is necessary to use a high-index LED strip with a CRI of 90 or even 95.