Halloween Christmas Lights

- Aug 07, 2019-

Halloween christmas lights

Regarding the origin of Halloween, there are many versions, and the more widely spread is:

More than two thousand years ago, the Christian Church in Europe designated November 1 as "ALL HALLOWSDAY". "HALLOW" means the meaning of the saints. Legend has it that since the 500th century BC, the Celts (CELTS), who lived in Ireland and Scotland, moved the festival forward one day, October 31. They think that the day is the official end of the summer, that is, the beginning of the new year, the beginning of the harsh winter. At that time, people believed that the dead soul of the old man would return to his former residence on this day to find a living creature in the living, to regenerate, and this is the only hope that people can regenerate after death. The living person is afraid of the soul of the dead to take over, so people will extinguish the fire and candlelight on this day, so that the soul of the dead can not find a living person, and dress yourself as a demon ghost to scare away the soul of the dead. After that, they will rekindle the fire and candlelight and start a new year of life.