Filament Lamps Complete The Approval Phase And Move Towards The Application Of Diversity

- May 09, 2018-

Filament lamps complete the approval phase and move towards the application of diversity

Compared with the rapid growth of the market, the body of the company has grown in size, and the technology of filament lamps has also been continuously innovating and upgrading. With regard to the development direction of filament lamps, experts believe that filament lamps have successfully completed the first stage so far, namely the market recognition stage.

From 2017 onwards, it will enter the second phase, the diversity application phase. In fact, in 2016, some products began to appear on the stage. The flexible filaments are the hottest ones. By 2017, they are still hot. The company began to exhibit its own products at major exhibitions.

However, according to the expert general manager, the flexible filaments are generally flip-chip, and the current light efficiency of the flip-chip is not enough, so for a long time the flexible filament can only serve as a supporting angle compared to the straight filament, in the main lighting The application cannot be mainstream.

Experts believe that in this second phase, various new technologies will be combined with filament lamps in an endless stream, and the market is full of surprises. Not only smart design, but also power supply design, including low-pressure design, no-aeration design, glass process desig

n, and opportunities everywhere, there may be surprises everywhere.