Development Status Of Decorative Lights Industry

- Jan 01, 2020-

Development status of decorative lamp industry

The rise of new Chinese furniture has led to the rise of decorative lights, and various decorative lamp markets have sprung up and blossomed. At present, China has become a major consumer of lighting, with an annual demand for more than 50 million units of various lightings. The following is an analysis of the development status of the decorative lamp industry.

Decorative lamps refer to the shapes of candles, flames, bullets, and small balls. They are commonly used as light sources for decorative lamps in households, such as chandeliers, crystal lamps, and lanterns. Relatively speaking, decorative lamps do not require high light output, but they have high requirements on the quality of light output and color reproduction. Since these lamps are mainly used to brighten the decorative target space, it is generally a 360-degree full beam angle. At present, the decorative light sources in the United States include incandescent lamps, incandescent lamps with reflectors, halogen lamps, halogen lamps with reflectors, compact fluorescent lamps, fluorescent plug tubes, LED lamps and LED lamps.

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