Development Status And Trend Of LED Industry At Home And Abroad

- May 30, 2018-

Development Status and Trend of LED Industry at Home and Abroad

From a global perspective, the semiconductor lighting industry has formed a three-footed industrial distribution and competition pattern dominated by the United States, Asia, and Europe. American Cree, Lumileds, Nichia Japan, ToyodaGosei, Osram, Germany monopolize the high-end product market. With the rapid development of the market, major manufacturers in the United States, Japan, and Europe have expanded production and accelerated their market share. From the perspective of the distribution of chip production capacity, the production capacity of InGaAlP and GaN chips in Taiwan Province of China is the highest in the world, and the current global market share is 60% and 30% respectively. Japan's GaN chip production capacity ranks second in the world. From the distribution of packaging companies, they are mainly distributed in Japan, China, Taiwan and other countries and regions. At present, China has also put the development of LED and photovoltaic industry on an important agenda. The country’s recently launched electronic information industry revitalization plan will be one of the major tasks for the development of LED and solar photovoltaic industry.

1. Leading international companies lead the development of the industry and use technological advantages to occupy the production of high value-added products

2. The global industrial structure presents a monopoly, mainly in Japan and Taiwan.

3, China has become an important packaging base, domestic and foreign companies have invested to seize the huge domestic market

4. Industrial investment continues to increase, and the pace of cooperation among internationally renowned manufacturers is accelerating to occupy a favorable market position