Decorative Lighting Development

- Jun 19, 2018-

Intelligent Lighting in the Era of Internet of Things: Cross-border Integration and Sustainable Development and Decorative Lighting Development

Smart cities and smart lighting are high-frequency hot words in recent years. There are inextricable links between the two. In the current era of the Internet of Things, light is not just a function of lighting. It has become a language that connects every corner of the world and conveys information. To build a smart city is inseparable from the development of smart lighting. Compared with the time when it first emerged, smart lighting has already broken through the concept level. Technological progress has never stopped. In the competition among the industry, there are more and more intelligent lighting products on the market.

With the improvement of living standards, the demand for lighting in the market is also increasing, from the simple lighting needs to the pursuit of the harmony between light and human health, light and nature. In the era of the Internet of Things, to achieve a higher level of sustainable development of smart lighting and lighting, cross-border integration is the only way to go.

At the Novo Media Meeting held during the 23rd International Lighting Fair (Guang Ya Exhibition), Yaoming Meng, General Manager of China Lighting Design and Application Department of Signify, shared the company's lighting as an Internet of Things. Under the era of lighting companies for the development of intelligent lighting layout and views: the new era of new lighting under the Internet of Things and technology itself are undergoing new changes, the Internet of Things brings more than just product-level impact, more is Cross-border integration.