Copper Wire String Light Based On The World

- Jan 30, 2018-

In recent years, LED copper lights, copper wire string lights and other lighting is widely used in urban environment decoration and family, hotels, clubs, bars, schools and other places, its gorgeous colors and changing forms, for different festivals and venues A happy atmosphere. However, there are many problems in the LED copper lamp industry, lack of awareness of enterprise innovation, lack of production technology, lack of product system and other constraints the development of enterprises. As the leader of LED copper lamp, Jiangxi Greatstar Technology Co., Ltd. started from these issues, based on the scientific and technological speed-raising product innovation, established excellent team, developed new products, used invention patents, and manufactured a series of diversified shapes and types Rich, wide range of applications LED copper lights, copper wire string lights, enameled wire lights, LED string lights and other products, which greatly enriched the industry to meet the market demand, LED copper lamp industry has become a real "big star" .