Chinese Lantern Culture Festival

- Jun 06, 2019-

Chinese Lantern culture Festival

Chinese lanterns, famous for ancient and modern; Zigong Lantern Festival, has a long-standing reputation. The industrious and wise Zigong people not only donated unparalleled well salt technology to the world, but also contributed to the humanity with the beautiful lantern process. On the land of China, which has been widely used for thousands of years, the Zigong Lantern Festival stands out from the crowd. It has gathered the grace of Chinese lamp culture and won the title of “the first lamp in the world”, making this national historical and cultural city a “millennium salt”. Du”, “Hometown of Dinosaurs” and “Southern Lamp City” are famous for all over the world. The annual lantern festival in Zigong area has a long history and distinctive features. According to historical records, in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Zigong area has gradually formed the custom of the New Year's burning lanterns and the Lantern Festival before and after the Lantern Festival. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, during the New Year and the Lantern Festival, when the lights were lit and the lights were burning, folk acrobatics, juggling and other performances were also in progress, and they were well received by the people watching the lanterns. In the second year of the Song Dynasty in the Southern Song Dynasty (1175), the famous patriotic poet Lu You wrote in the words "Yuan Yuan Chun" written by him: "A Qinu House, a New Year's Eve, and a Closer Light", which was visible in Zigong District at that time. New Year's lights and lights have become customary folk activities. Of course, this is different from the lamp that was born. Therefore, the Tang and Song Dynasties should be the bud period or initial stage of the Zigong Lantern Festival.