Chinese Knot Lamp

- Mar 15, 2018-

The LED Chinese knot is a unique national mascot with unique Chinese characteristics. LED Chinese knot, landscape lamp with the theme of Chinese knot shape - Chinese knot lamp. It consists of classic Chinese knots, hanging tassels and other elements. This model is a single floating type by the Chinese knot series landscape lights single knot lights and "streamers" wrought iron shape combination, constitute the appearance of this lamp. With the development of LED Chinese knot lamps, LED Chinese knots have been used in many residential areas, parks, roads, antique buildings, and so on. LED Chinese knot lamps have also become increasingly popular and increasingly popular. More and more manufacturers are producing LED Chinese knot landscape lights, such as LED lanterns and LED Chinese knot lights. The appearance and interior of the home can also benefit from the high brightness and lower cost of LED technology.