China Led Display

- Feb 22, 2018-

LED electronic display development

  The development of LED industry China can take full advantage of our domestic LED market to start before the characteristics of the international market, the development of LED applications industry to drive the LED industry as a whole. Because, LED industry chain of business relations is the material sold to the chip, the chip sold package, package sold to the application. Application of the pilot can help us to participate in international competition. Such as the construction of the National Eleventh Five-year major construction projects - the Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel, 8.9 km long, through Fudan University and other nearly two years of technical research, it is decided to adopt LED-based lighting. Due to the size of the tunnel so that it has a great influence in the tunnel industry, the tunnel LED will have a significant impact on the adoption of LED in the future tunnel lighting. Therefore, the international large companies are competing to compete.