Bluetooth Led Strips

- Jul 04, 2018-

Bluetooth Led Strips

Various festivals flocked. The streets and alleys are full of lights, filled with a rich festive atmosphere. People who love to make things decorate the indoor environment with beautiful lights, so that people can be immersed in happiness.

In order for everyone to have their own holiday lights, DFRobot carefully prepared this blue-controlled LED strip for Bluetooth control. Whether you are a literary fan or a technical home, you will be fascinated by its changing colors.

The strip uses a patch RGB LED that can display different colors independently. Controlled by the BLUNO master with integrated Bluetooth 4.0. If your mobile phone is IOS7 or Android4.3 and above, just install Bluno's dedicated APP, Bluetooth connection BLUNO, you can make the light strip change a variety of colors at the same time.

The kit is equipped with BLUNO, the world's first controller with integrated Bluetooth 4.0, with DFRobot's unique sensor expansion board V7. You can create a variety of interesting interactive works on this basis.