2017 LED Industry Ten Hot News Events

- Feb 15, 2018-

2017 LED industry ten hot news events

2017 is coming to an end, reviewing the year, LED industry events again and again, there are joy. On the one hand, the industry is becoming increasingly divided, patent disputes continue, bankruptcy and other industries to speed up the reshuffle. On the other hand, the national lighting giants have introduced the Chinese lighting companies have expanded their production to adjust market strategy to the layout of the global LED market. However, in general, it is still a good matter and the era of internationalization of LED industry in China has already started.

On the occasion of the year-end and the end of the year, we will restart the annual retrospective tour in the hope of summarizing the experiences and lessons learned by the lighting industry over the past year and enlightening the future. Now, OFweek Semiconductor Lighting Network will launch the 2017 LED industry's top ten hot news events, and lighting industry colleagues review the past year.

Fortes filed for bankruptcy liquidation, the first bankruptcy in the New Year

New Year's Day just after 2017, January 4 at 8:44, Zhongshan City, Ford Lighting Co., Ltd. Legal Representative Wang Gongjie personal WeChat circle of friends announced Ford for a variety of reasons a serious loss, insolvent, has been to the court Bankruptcy liquidation! And said that will not run, without losing joint. And all the assets of the company sold the first time payment of wages.

This news came out, many industry people have expressed regret, but also for Wang Gongjie himself in the face of bankruptcy and bankruptcy of the responsible attitude. There are lighting industry people in the same industrial park as Fortus revealing that the factory size of Fortesse has shown signs of shrinking from last year but was surprised at the speed of the bankruptcy filing. It is understood that the night, the owner Wang Gongjie personal circle of friends declared bankruptcy news, Ford factory workers have stopped working.

Fortes Lighting In 2013, Liu Qingyun, a famous movie star in Hong Kong, signed a brand endorsement for the brand and succeeded in campaigning. After that, he also advertised on television. What happened to today's bankruptcy is so fast nowadays. According to Fortes' suppliers, Fortune's semiannual futures contracts have been delayed for half a year and one of the reasons for its rapid bankruptcy may be its lack of success.