Waterproof LED Twinkle Lights Outdoor

waterproof LED twinkle lights outdoor Scope of application Waterproof LED twinkle lights outdoor is good for wedding background layout, guesthouses, hotels, bars, parties, commercial buildings, home, windows, clubs, concerts, karaoke bars, fashion shows, dance halls, the stage, and so on, as...

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waterproof LED twinkle lights outdoor


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  Our products are easy to use and easy to install

  Conventional LED decorative light products, you just plug in. Place the lamp around where you want it and set the shape you want to put on. However, pull through the power on it.

  Battery LED string lights more convenient to use, install the battery, open the switch, you can hang in any place you want to decorate, not subject to local plug restrictions.

  Curtain lights, waterfall lights, ice bar lights and the like, the main beam line to start, like ordinary curtains hanging, connected to the power, you can use.

  Solar Christmas lights, receiving sunlight during the day and automatically store energy, the lights can be illuminated at night decoration, the cloudy can be used as usual, do not need to pay the electricity, the real safety, energy saving and environmental protection.

We have a special test before shipment each string of lights, please rest assured use! Lantern is decorated with holiday consumables, can not be used as lighting. Occasionally there is a very small number of lamp beads in each series, less than 3% are normal, if you ask for higher quality, please consult the customer service can be customized.



Company Profile

     The factory is located in the country's largest lantern production base - Linhai City, facing the highway, airport, Ningbo Port, Shanghai Port, Yiwu International Trade City. Transport, export, transportation and its convenience.

    Our own development and design, a strong production capacity, specializing in the production of LED lantern string lights, LED rainbow tube, meter lights, LED net lights, LED curtain lights, LED waterfall lights, battery lights, bonsai tree lights, stage background decoration Lights, decorative lights and other urban planning series. Lantern length, size, number of bulbs, color, voltage, lantern flashing, etc. can be customized according to your needs, of course, you can also tell us where you want to decorate and use, we can design the best decoration for you Program.


The factory has been Bingzhe "quality-based, service-oriented, integrity-based, customer first" for business purposes; committed to not to provide customers with quality service and high-quality products as the goal; and market-oriented, constantly To innovation, beauty, refinement to create more practical, simple, stylish products to meet the needs of our customers.


 We are on the same price than the quality, the same quality than the price. Welcome to consult cooperation.