Led Mushroom Outdoor Colorful Mushroom Landscape Lamp

Outdoor LED Mushroom shaped lamp Colors:Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, warm, white and other shapes and sizes can be customized Material: Iron frame lamp string PVC drop glue Model large /50cm medium /35cm small /28cm Shelf life 2 years

Product Details


1.All products are designed and produced by our factory .  100% of the pictures are taken in real time.

2.The light string is made of 100% pure copper wire PVC/PE skin, which has the functions of cold resistance, water resistance, anti-aging and long life.

3.Our LED lamp beads are all imported from Taiwan, with high brightness, low light decay and long service life.

4.Epoxy series adopts ABS/PS material for customers to choose to add anti-UV, sunscreen agent with long time no discoloration function

5.Packing method: Domestic use of carton/wood frame + carton.

6.LED pattern lamp series and modeling lamp series are guaranteed for two years. During the warranty period (one year)


Blessing name card

led snowman motif lightswan motif light 371-320-2

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